New report options for dynamic filtering of plagiarism matches   Recently updated !

Our new interactive plagiarism report  is still getting even better. Now we added the option filter matches which are shorter than a limit in terms of words or characters. This allows a more coarse or fine grained view, based on your requirements. As with all changes the plagiarism level is updated accordingly (before you could already toggle… Read More »

PlagScan Supports MAC Formats   Recently updated !

We are happy to announce that PlagScan supports MAC formats from now on. The formats, developed by Apple Inc. include:   Pages for MAC (Apple iWork) [.pages] Numbers for MAC (Apple iWork) [.numbers] Key for MAC (Apple iWork) [.key]             Many users have reported their utilization of OS X and iOS… Read More »

Reducing Stress for Administrators

According to a study with 200 participants (GFI, 2015), a majority of IT administrators stated that they were highly stressed. Most of them have to deal with the pressure from users and management. For that reason, our IT team wants to simplify the work for your administrators and take away some of the pressure. IT admins feel that… Read More »

300 Secondary Schools in Austria Use PlagScan – Read Why

Federal Ministry of Education in Vienna, Austria “We have been using PlagScan successfully at more than 300 higher education secondary schools (Gymnasium) since 2015 to examine academic work of students.” – Anna Lasselsberger   Why do we use a plagiarism software? Our goal is to prepare students properly for the academic and scientific work on… Read More »

When Plagiarism is not the original issue

The subject of plagiarism has been gradually getting more attention over the past decades. But does that mean the quality of academic work has improved? We at PlagScan are always happy to get any type of feedback from customers. Usually the most productive responses we get are from the customer base that cares the most… Read More »

Why is Plagiarism Tempting to Journalists?

We usually hear the word plagiarism in relation to academic work. Students learn about plagiarism in reading and writing classes. But also in journalism, plagiarism is a significant topic. Journalism students learn about the Code of Ethics, established by the SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists), which gives clear guidelines on attribution and how to treat… Read More »

2 brandnew features for the Submission function

A new feature has been added to the submission section. Organizations can now easily have an overview of all submissions that have been created by its members. By adding a list containing the submission creator, title, code and number of uploads we grant a detailed, instantly updated view of all submissions. The administrator can now… Read More »

6 New Video Tutorials to guide you through PlagScan

We have now released six new video tutorials for our customers. The new tutorials are made to guide our clients through different processes and cover several aspects such as the plagiarism report or the administration of organization accounts and submission. They also mention multiple frequently asked questions we have received from schools, universities and businesses. If you are checking… Read More »

The Whitelist – Common Use Cases   Recently updated !

The whitelist is one of the key features to customize your plagiarism search. This article gives some examples of how the whitelist can help you depending on your case. Case 1: “I’m a recruiter and I wish to leave out the application text out of the plagiarism scan.” Many of our users are checking applications to… Read More »

Plagiarism Report Prints and PDF export   Recently updated !

We think our interactive reports are great at providing an adaptive overview of potential plagiarism detected in texts. Still we recognize the need to export the results to a static format, for reasons like archiving or documentation. In the printed version or as PDF export dynamic, interactive elements are obviously obstructive to say the least.  … Read More »