After moving to the new office in Cologne, PlagScan organized a cozy little office warming celebration. More than 40 people – employee’s families and friends as well as some startup colleagues – came to enjoy Lebanese food and German beer.   We want to thank everyone who stopped by and… Read More »

PlagScan Hosted Office Warming Celebration   Recently updated !

plagscan student competency assesment
Student competency assessment state Assessing students is getting to be more and more common in schools, but still there are only a few programs with the focus on “educating professionals”, which demand practical project work in assessment. The goals of standards of this manner is to lead pre-service preparations of… Read More »

Student Competency Assessment Advancements

Dear PlagScan Users, Our PlagScan headquarter has moved to a bigger office space on Nov. 1! We are still located in Cologne, Germany, now under this address: PlagScan GmbH Grüner Weg 8-10 50825 Köln What does our move mean for you? Our team is constantly expanding, which is great for… Read More »

We Have Moved!

Philipp has recently joined our team to work on PlagScan’s core software and to improve the algorithm, which will help to be even more precise and accurate in identifying plagiarism. Philipp obtained a bachelor’s degree in computational linguistics from Saarland University. He has been actively working as research assistant in… Read More »

Meet Philipp – our new Computational Linguistics Intern

We are proud to announce the release of our newest feature: the organizational repository. Schools, universities, businesses and all other organizational customers can now benefit from our storage system that enables the gathering of all uploaded and checked documents from all users. Instead of having each user storing documents in his own… Read More »

Brandnew feature: The Organization repository is now released

Predictions about the development of technology in higher education Over the last few decades many have predicted that extensively using technology will distort higher education. The main argument was that online courses will affect the pricing of traditional education by offering a more convenient and arguably a more effective option.… Read More »

Technology in Higher Education

Stylometry – Based on our previous blog post The Haunting Presence of Ghostwriting in Academia, we wanted to highlight existing technical methods helping to identify ghostwriting.  Even though a comprehensively viable solution is still under construction, we can take a look at a couple of scientific approaches and software solutions.… Read More »

Stylometry is a Possible Solution to Detect Ghostwriting

LMS market state and significance Dozens of startups desire the attention of college deans and other academic decision makers. The adoption rates of schools show that one category efficiently manages to take the majority of budgets and attention in higher education – the all-powerful LMS. However, this has already started changing.… Read More »

The Dynamic LMS Market

Having an archive or organization repository as a separate entity has been one of the most requested features for a while. In October 2016 we will finally release this feature to our users, who use PlagScan as an organization (Update: The feature was released on 22nd October, read here). As this involves some architectural… Read More »

Architectural Changes in PlagScan

We are proud to announce that the updated administration interface has been implemented last Monday and is now live. Numerous design and system improvements will enable an easier setup process and optimized workflow for administrators of schools, universities and organizations  As mentioned in one of our last posts Reducing Stress for… Read More »

New Administration Interface is now live!