Work Hard, Play Hard – PlagScan’s Final Weeks of the Year

Mid December 2016: PlagScan’s annual company retreat invited all employees to reflect on the passing year, celebrate the team and create innovative ideas for the next year.

sauerland landscapeThis year’s company retreat was located in Sauerland, an area in the south-eastern part of North Rhine-Westphalia. In a comfortable hotel, PlagScan’s team reflected on 2016 and made plans for 2017, while enjoying the scenery, good food and togetherness. The entire team was motivated and demonstrated creativity in performance and new ideas for the future. A bottomless coffee supply kept everyone energized and happy – no need for the Irish version.

In a relaxed and low-key atmosphere, team members voiced their opinions to PlagScan’s work environment and and gave anonymous personal feedback. plagscan-team

The core of the trip was work. Multiple workshops on creativity, teamwork and innovation fostered a common understanding of expectations and goals for the future. We have developed many new ideas and detailed plans for 2017, which we will target right at the beginning of January – with full power and maximum motivation. Make sure to stay tuned with us!

Aside from hard work, our team also enjoyed the playful evenings with colleagues. bowlingBowling, pool, fussball and ping pong competitions engaged everyone in fun activities after sundown, while some other evenings were filled with joyful conversations in front of the lighted fire place.

get ready for a fightIn regards of physical activity: Our intern Philipp instructed early birds in aqua jogging before the team started the second half of the day with intense brainstorming and idea-generation. Particularly the last workshop focused on new ideas.

To conclude the final workshop, the executive board got creative and awarded ideas with nerf guns. The more people liked the idea, the bigger the reward gun. The day ended in a playful nerf gun fight, in which interns were excused to yell “this isn’t fair.” Especially our support department enjoyed to put people on the “hit list.”



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