We’re Back From The Didacta 2016 With Fresh Insights and New Plans

We’re back from Europe’s biggest education summit, the Didacta 2016 in Cologne, Germany. The summit enabled us to meet customers, potential customers and people interested in education technology. We are especially grateful for the feedback we have received in order to improve our software according to the needs of our users.

Aside from educators from colleges and universities, many commercial business representatives visited our booth and were interested in PlagScan’s capability. Some people tried the software on the spot learned about PlagScan’s data security regulations, databases and costs. Most people agreed that they see a necessity to use a plagiarism detection software in all educational institutions.


Unfold, not Expose
Across Europe, schools and universities handle academic work in different ways. While some institutions still collect handwritten essays and papers, others transitioned to digital versions only. We at PlagScan think that the digital versions save much time for educators and can be more effective in terms of unfolding potential plagiarism and citing mistakes through a plagiarism checker. However, we still highlight the fact that our goal is not to expose students, but rather to raise awareness about plagiarism, which will lead students to prepare properly for their exams.

More Support for the Pioneers at Schools
In retrospect to the summit, we really want to support one of the most important communities of our society – our educators. Many teachers and professors stated that they supported technologies like PlagScan and its implementation in every education plan. We are looking forward to help educators simplify their workflow while maintaining an effective correction method.

We had a fruitful week at the Didacta Education Summit 2016 and are incredibly motivated to implement the feedback we have received into a fruitful reality.

For questions, feedback or comments, please visit http://www.plagscan.com/contact-us

About Cati Mayer

Cati is a communications manager and passionate writer. She grew up in Germany, finished her studies in communications and media studies, journalism and public relations in the United States and is now an advocate for human rights, particularly education. She has been involved with multiple Silicon Valley startups.

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