Welcome to PlagScan’s new developer blog

We proudly announce the beginning of our developer blog at PlagScan.com!


PlagScan is an online service that investigates the authenticity of documents and provides you with a complete list of possible sources. It is most useful for students, teachers, bloggers, etc. and very simple to use. You can upload documents directly on the website, use a plugin for Moodle, or install the whole system on our own server (known as PlagScan-in-a-Box solution). Our website offers more information about our service and technology.

In this blog, we want to discuss various issues that concern us in our development process and share our approaches to solve problems. The blog is dedicated to fellow developers – but just as interesting for our clients. We will introduce you to new features that will improve your experience with PlagScan.

We want to address the following topics:

  • Software as a service and/or cloud service: We want to share our experiences with the SaaS model we use for our software.
  • Users experience design: We work constantly on the improvement of PlagScan’s user interface to create a user-friendly and simple design for our clients.
  • Computational linguistics insights: One of PlagScan’s core features is the algorithm we use to compare text. We use recent research in computational linguistics to find overlapping text fast and efficiently.

For 5 years, PlagScan provides users with excellent results in plagiarism detection. In this blog, we want to share our genuine experience with you and create a platform for discussion.

We are looking forward to see you on our PlagScan developer blog!

Your PlagScan team

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