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We are proud of our PlagScan office, located in the beautiful heart of Cologne. Our team enjoys the cozy office environment, our big kitchen and meeting rooms. Now you can take a look into our kingdom and not only view our office, but also see our team in action!

End of 2017, PlagScan received a very special present from RP Digital Services. After participating in a raffle at a startup convention in Cologne, PlagScan was drawn for the first prize – a virtual tour of our office through the Google 360° technology, sponsored by RP Digital Services. 

Screenshot of Google Maps with PlagScan as Point of Interest

Our team was very excited about the win. After a few email exchanges and meetings with an RP Digital Services representative, the photo shoot was scheduled for early December. Michael Linz, a photographer from Panoramic View – the company that uses the Google Streetview technology for 360° photo shoots – visited our office to take the pictures.

The photos were then patched together to create a virtual walking tour. You can also view the outside of the office. To check out the virtual tour, look for PlagScan on Google Maps or click here. We hope you enjoy this little insight of our company. Let us know what you think!

About Cati Mayer

Cati is a communications manager and passionate writer. She grew up in Germany, finished her studies in communications and media studies, journalism and public relations in the United States and is now an advocate for human rights, particularly education. She has been involved with multiple Silicon Valley startups.

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