Versatile Report Sharing Options

Have you ever thought about sharing the plagiarism reports you receive after checking the the submitted documents? There are actually many reasons why you may want to share that report. PlagScan enables multiple different ways to share reports, read here which ones:

You could download the report in a file and email it to someone. Or, you can to grant access to the page by sending a link to a third party. You can also have a colleague have a look at the PlagScan report.

From now on, all these sharing options are possible, while maintaining all data security standards. This extension is also a great basis for more sharing features in the future.


In all reports you’ll be able to find a button to enable sharing, which then opens a dialog. (Note: Changing your sharing options will only be possible for documents you own, not for those shared with you!)

Sharing via Sending a Link to Designated People

A custom made URL allows anyone with the link to view the corresponding report without having to login or obtaining a similar authentication process.

Sharing by Granting Rights to Specific Users or Groups

If you want to grant access to specific, authenticated (logged in) users, like the people in your department or anybody in your organization you can use this second sharing option.

This way of sharing does not require any special URL or link, but the users need to login with their PlagScan account to prove they belong to the group with access rights. This feature is currently only available to users with an organization account.


Outlook: Sharing Multiple Reports

In the future, we plan to add target sharing with particular named user.

Furthermore, a default sharing option is placed on our feature list, allowing automatic sharing of several reports (you can still revoke rights for each document separately). This means for example that you will be able to share all reports within an assignment submission (e.g. a teacher working together with an assistant).

We hope you find the new sharing option useful!

Have fun using PlagScan – as always we appreciate your feedback!


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