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Twagiarism – Twitter Implements New Report Function To Prevent Twagiarism. 

Twagiarism is the new buzzword on Twitter.

It describes the plagiarizing of tweets.

Plagiarism is not only a problem in the literary & academical world. Social media networks have been increasingly dealing with content theft as well. Recently, Twitter has decided to fight against plagiarized tweets and advocate intellectual property.

The integration of the Retweet Button

Twitter recognizes the conventional definition of plagiarism:

If someone shares a tweet, which is not credited to the origin, the tweet counts as plagiarized.

To simplify the legitimate way of sharing other’s tweets for users, Twitter implemented the Retweet Button in 2009.

The Retweet-Button shares a tweet and simultaneously the origin of it, which is the best way to prevent plagiarism. However, content theft in form of plagiarized tweets has been increasing to a significant extent, and even created the term twagiarism.

New Report function is to act against Twagiarism

The organization Plagiarismbad investigated the plagiarism problem on Twitter, and confirmed many cases of twagiarism. Twitter responded quickly by implementing a new function, which enables to report plagiarized tweets.

As soon as the user reports the tweet, Twitter requires the offender to delete the tweet and cease future incidents. If the offender ignores the warnings, he will be suspended from Twitter. -Enough!^^

To date, Twitter doesn’t use a plagiarism detection service. Users have to notice plagiarized pieces themselves. A service like PlagScan could secure individual content through his Duplicate Content Checker and will meet the specific requirements of Twitter-users.
Twitter’s engagement to support unique content has been commendable, but has more potential to develop. Further developments are expected with much anticipation.

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