Top 5 EdTech Trends 2018


EdTech and e-learning offer the possibility of a tailored experience as compared to traditional learning methods. Students have the option to choose from multiple subjects and topics while being able to consult tutors or teachers one-to-one via email, video chats or even face to face. This method offers students a wider learning experience, by receiving personalized attention from their teacher rather than getting it shared across a classroom of dozens of their peers.

EdTech is facing challenges and it widely criticized the actual quality of the teaching, however, the influence is too strong, and it is less likely it will be slowed down, let alone stopped.

We have collected the 5 trends that we believe are mostly affecting this movement and affecting it completely becoming a common reality:


  1. Video Learning

Video learning is an important trend in EdTech as it has proven to deliver a practical substitute to the traditional classrooms where teachers stand in front of a board presenting their material planned for the day. Furthermore, video learning is providing an extended experience since it can also include all the slides, direct instructions, presentations and interaction of a physical classroom. Some online video and streaming services like Twitch and YouTube have invested in and are heavily supporting this methodology, and by the looks of it, this will only become more widespread in the near future than it is today.


  1. E-Degrees

More and more universities today offer e-degrees which also get higher and higher recognition by institutions and employers, with which students benefit from e-learning opportunities in the comfort of their home, even from a different country than the one their university is based in. Today even some respected schools, universities and other learning institutions like Harvard, for instance, are offering e-learning programs. By doing this, talented students who were restricted by distance or financial limitations before can now have access to quality education which in turn will have a great impact on how EdTech grows in popularity and its impact.


  1. Virtual Reality

VR is another hot topic recently, which among other things has had its strong impact in EdTech. Namely, VR technologies allow teachers to get in touch with students in a more concise and dedicated manner whilst providing an interactive environment which is fun and interesting for the learner to observe and experiment in, with the goal of more effective learning.

On a related note, you can learn more about VR in web applications from a recent article we have shared on our blog.


  1. Tailored Learning

Solutions developed for users that should serve the same purpose, with the same learning curve for everyone out there are getting out of fashion. Each individual is different, therefore being able to customize learning solutions to suit the needs of the users is getting more and more popular.

With these improvements, Learning Management Systems and other learning software can provide a more accurate interpretation of the progress of each student with their work and learning. This way students will be able to learn in at a pace comfortable to them adapted to their goals and skills.


  1. Gamification

Games fused with learning is already a hot topic on the EdTech market for several years now and continues to hold the same importance as before since the possibilities that come with it are limitless. Learning is intensified by using games via engagement, enticement and withholding methods with the ultimate goal for the student to learn in a comfortable, fun, stress-free manner. This method can be utilized for users of different age and learning speed possibilities which work hand in hand with the tailored learning method mentioned in point 4.


EdTech is quickly surpassing traditional methods of teaching, mainly because of the low costs associated with the method, but also in relation to quality and accessibility of education in general. Even though there have been many political restrictions and criticism in certain countries in the world, EdTech and e-learning seem to be inevitably becoming the future and are quickly replacing traditional learning methods.





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