These 5 PlagScan features will improve your Plagiarism Check

Our developers always strive to add new features in order to improve the performance of your plagiarism check. This blog was initially created to keep you informed about the most important improvements. But if you were too busy to stay tuned you can now catch up and learn about five essential features, which will boost the performance of your plagiarism detection. You’ll be able to get lean plagiarism reports, allowing you to spot plagiarism quicker and easier.


  1. Whitelist: Use the whitelist to exclude websites, specific terms, law texts, sayings or common phrases of your profession. You will get a detailed report.
  2. Share your plagiarism report: Teams work better than loners. So if you are not sure if a given document was plagiarized, you can share your report with other users of your organization. You may also want to share it with your subdivision or even your entire organization.
  3. Source of Sources: Did you notice the small icons in the sources list of your plagiarism report? These icons indicate where each source was found. Sources may derive from the internet, from your own document, your organization’s document or the PlagScan database. Distinguishing the origin of sources will help you to estimate their relevance and overviewing them faster.
  4. Set the Plaglevel threshold: You can also set thresholds defining when your plaglevel will be shown in green, yellow or red. This will help you to be alerted just in relevant cases of suspicion.
  5. PlagScan Database: By joining the PlagScan database you allow your documents to be taken into account for the plagiarism checking of other participating members. In return, you’ll benefit by having a wider search scope because your now your documents will be additionally compared to a multitude of  documents from other users across the globe. Size up your crawlers by joining the PlagScan database. Overall, these five features are just a few of many options to modify and improve your plagiarism search. Just take a couple of minutes to discover them in your account. A better performance and time-efficiency are just two benefits you’ll be able to enjoy.


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