The Molg H. Case

Have you heard of Molg H.?

Perhaps not. But you might have seen some of his work on the internet. Molg H. is an artist and illustrator who draws satirical cartoons and sarcastic drawings to exploit the dark side of human beings in an humorous way.

One of his most famous works, the series of the Honest Psychologist have been translated in several languages and were used to enhance websites and blogs.

The honest psychologist

Things don’t look bad for Molg H.

But on the other hand, we have João Mirio Pavan.

João Mirio Pavan is a 22 year old graphic designer who acquired several cartoons and drawings from multiple authors and created the Brazilian Facebook account Molg h Brasil.

Which isn’t too big of a deal, right?

If only he had given proper credit to the original artist. The young Brazilian copies the cartoons and uploads them to his profile without stating the source at all. “His” cartoons went viral in Brazil, but nobody knew who the actual artist was.

This is his modified version of the Honest Psychologist (Psicóloga Direta)

He even signed with his name.


And this is where things get out of control.

One of the most acclaimed newspapers in Brazil signed an agreement to publish “his” cartoon. The Honest Psychologist has been showed in theaters and online videos.

In his official Facebook account, Molg H., the original artist, states that the whole case “falls under its own weight.”

The story is an unfortunate incident, but certainly no singularity. Painters, filmmakers, musicians – in times of fast internet distribution, creative work is easily accessible but also easy to steal.

We can’t stress enough that plagiarism is theft. Artists work hard on their work and deserve recognition for their creativity and efforts. Seeing one’s own work distributed under a different name is not just frustrating, but also illustrates a treason in morality.

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