A refreshing breeze has been wafting in PlagScan’s office the last two weeks as a new member has joined the team. Christelle, our new head of PR and marketing has an Indian background and grew up in Reunion Island, a French island near South Africa – A perfect fit for our… Read More »

New staff member in the PR and Marketing Department

Dear Users, We are proud to announce our much anticipated new feature: A Share button. Now, it is possible to share reports with others and allow them to examine the plagiarism analysis for a specific document, without giving away personal login credentials. For example, teachers can share the plagiarism reports with their… Read More »

PlagScan’s New Share Feature

I am Ruben Olmedo, one of PlagScan’s developers. In my first blog entry, I want to introduce you to the latest changes of PlagScan. During the last few months, we have been modified our service and design to a more stable and modern version. Read here how we have updated PlagScan with… Read More »

Modified Payment Dialog