Lauraine Mak from Vancouver, Canada crossed the ocean to widen our PlagScan Family with her artistic mind. When she applied, she was particularly attracted by our mission and commitment to Academic Integrity. Creativity drives into her blood as a fine art painter and will continue her artistic endeavors in Germany… Read More »

New creative crafter joins PlagScan

Lauraine Mak stammt aus Vancouver in Kanada und überquerte den Ozean, um unser Team und unsere gesamte visuelle Kommunikation um künstlerische und gestalterische Aspekte zu erweitern.  Als sie sich bewarb, sprach sie besonders unsere Mission und unser Engagement für Akademische Integrität sowie gleiche und faire Bildungschancen für alle an. Schon… Read More »

Wir begrüßen unseren neuen Creative Crafter

Many people don’t really know the difference between software architecture and software design. Even for developers, the line is often blurry and they might mix up elements of software architecture patterns and design patterns. As a developer myself, I would like to simplify these concepts and explain the differences between… Read More »

Software Architecture – The Difference Between Architecture and Design

Report Redesign Meeting
We’re happy to announce further progresses in our report interface. We have already introduced an early stage interface back in June, in which user documents resembled the original formatting. Now, we have released a prototype with many improvements, which will be available to selected users at the end of October.… Read More »

New Progress in the Development of the Report Interface