Submissions page upgrade

Our team proudly presents the new design and functionalities for the submissions page.

The interface for professors provides these new features in the following design:


  • Hint Message: This feature allows the professor to send a message to students in order to keep them updated on their submissions.
  • Limit the number of uploads for the submission: This feature allows to control the maximum number of uploads per submission.
  • Check the files when the deadline has passed: As soon as the deadline for the submission has passed, the system automatically begins to analyze the files belonging to the submission.
  • Notify the professor that the deadline has passed: This feature allows to send an email to the administrator, which notifies about the passed deadline and lists the titles of all submitted files.

On the student’s side, the design was upgraded to the following design:



The new design provides the following information of the submission:

  • Your institution, including the representative logo
  • Name of the submission
  • Deadline of delivery
  • Hint message

The student is able to fill the following information:

  • Name
  • Last name
  • Title
  • Email

Uploading files can be uploaded in two different ways:

  • Click the file box and select your file from the computer.
  • Drag the file and drop it in the file box.

The student has the following options:

  • Receive an email confirmation that the submission was received.
  • Receive an email with the results after the completed plagiarism check.


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