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2018 is the year of submissions! We planned new improvements for this feature in two steps. As we present the first step today, you will learn the following options we’ve created for teachers/professors and students.

If you have not heard of the submission feature at all, please click here. You will learn how submission makes your plagiarism check easier.

Create new submissions with a flexible deadline in no time.


     1. Deadlines: Allow students to submit their papers after the deadline.

Some of your students submit papers after the deadline? In that case, you used to upload the papers manually and check them one by one with PlagScan. Now, teachers and professors can create first and second deadlines for their submissions. 


What do we mean by first and second deadlines?

  • A first deadline is an official deadline for each paper
  • The second deadline is a deadline, in which professors still accept late papers. We give you a suggestion for this new deadline or you can customize it.

Tip: A warning message will appear each time students submit a paper after the deadline. They will be informed about the hard deadline on the top of the webpage. Furthermore, the professor will know on his document manager when the students submitted the document.


   2. Create your template for new submissions.

You don’t want to manually type the same settings for new submissions?

By clicking on “remember my settings,” (see on the above picture), you create a template we save for you. Next time you create a submission, your settings are automatically uploaded.

Individual Plagiarism Portal – Improvements for students and administrators


The Individual Plagiarism Portal is a practical feature for students to submit their papers to their professors for the plagiarism check: No need to physically hand over papers anymore. Students receive a secured URL to submit their papers.


1. Send a message to your professor

In the past, students just had to submit the document. This year, we transformed our feature to make it more interactive and communicative. Students can now leave a message to the professor along with the submission of the document.

Personal Message to professors



On the other side, professors will be able to read the message on their document manager by clicking on the message icon. With this simple but effective tool, communication has never been easier between professors and students.


2. We create, administrators do the rest!

When administrators of an organization set up PlagScan, they may need the Individual Plagiarism Portal for paper submission. This portal is usually designed for the students to recognize their university, i.e. where to submit their paper. Currently, the administrator can create the portal in the administration area.

With this new improvement, the administrator is not obliged to create a URL anymore for the portal – PlagScan provides a default one. However, administrators can always choose to customize the portal within the name of the university.

For Teachers / Administrators – Improvements to your submissions on the document manager


If you don’t want to wait until after the check to see the document, you can now download the files prior to their analysis. This way, you can see the submitted paper before the check and the report with two separated documents.

download of documents

If you want to know about the other advantages of this feature, please read our manuals:

If you prefer videos, please watch our tutorials here: (videos 9 and 10)



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