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Our latest feature is a useful addition to PlagScan’s Assignment Submission Toolinspired by our Share Reports with a Third Party feature, which enables third parties to view plagiarism reports. Now, students can not only submit their work independently but also view their own plagiarism reports. This way students are able to see their citation errors and learn from their own mistakes.


Assignment submissions are available to all organization users. Teachers provide submission codes to students, which allows them to hand in their work online. No special setup or account is necessary, everything works via email and browser.


How does it work?
Quite simple: After creating a new submission, the new option “Share results” appears.

Submissions ScreenshotIf you check “Share results” students get the option to receive an email with the analysis results of their documents automatically, once the plagiarism check is finished.


How does PlagScan know whom to send the email?
After the students use the submission code to log in, the following dialog appears:


Submissions Screenshot 2

Another useful side feature in this dialog is the “Confirmation of Receipt” checkbox. Students can check this box to receive details of their documents’ submission, which can be used as a proof of submission.


In this dialog, students can agree to receive an email with the analysis results. Simply check the box “send me results” and provide the email address the report should be sent to. If selected, the student receives an email as soon as the plagiarism report has been created.


The analysis will be viewable for the student over a guest mode. Therefore, the document itself can’t be changed by the students. They can only view the report by selecting one of the four formats provided.


Submissions Screenshot 3

On the technical side, it was very important to us to create usability while maintaining the high level of user control over one’s data. For instance, avoiding the necessity of additional passwords.


Both parties need to agree to the shared plagiarism report. A double opt-in requires the assignment creator to enable the uploader of the submission to check a box, which indicates the agreement of students receiving an email with the viewable, but not editable results.


We hope you and your students will benefit from this new feature!



Your PlagScan Team

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