RWTH Aachen Student Receives First Experiences in Software Development at PlagScan

Julius Genske BildOnly a couple of weeks ago, Julius Genske spent his time thinking about building supporting systems for physical processes. Today, the 21-year-old sits at PlagScan German headquarters, working on virtual problem-solving within the premises of our plagiarism scanner.

The computational engineering science student from the RWTH (Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule) Aachen is a new intern in our software development team. He said he wants to gain more practical experience in the working world and already describes the differences between abstract university assignments from practical tasks in our office.

“I’ve been working on a lot of team projects at university but those are so much different from being part of an actual team at a company,” he said. “It’s a completely different feeling to know that your work actually makes an impact here.”

Julius coincidentally stumbled across PlagScan and said he was fascinated by the product. Even though no official job openings were posted, he decided to reach out and inquire about a chance to intern for us. His ambition and motivation convinced us instantly.

“I don’t really have much experience with software development,” he said. “But that’s why I’m here. I wanted to get to know something new and I’m excited about all the things I will learn in this area.”

Aside from software development, Julius said he wants to get a glimps into project management and teamwork as well. Therefore, the  right company culture was an important factor in his decision on where to intern.

“The atmosphere at PlagScan is completely different from other companies I’ve visited,” he said. “I felt comfortable from the first moment I stepped into the office. I haven’t felt this way at other places before.”

The next couple months, Julius will support us to develop verification processes for our software. These will help to stabilize our system, particularly after the release of new features and settings. We are looking forward to his contributions and welcome him warmly into our PlagScan family.


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