Report Rework

Finally, we got the chance to work on the improvement of our report interface! Even though we haven’t implemented all planned aspects yet, we’re ready to present the first stages of improvements.

Due to the global differences in enabling technologies, our software often can’t offer the maximum complexity. Not everybody in the world has a high speed internet connection or a super computer, which is the reason why we try to maintain equal technological standards. For this reason, we also work as a cloud service.

However, we’re currently working on improving how our reports deal with formats, images, and pages.

Based on these three major points we want to provide a plagiarism report, which identifies and accepts different fonts, or formats like lists, indexes, tables, diagrams, etc.

The possibility to identify images within texts requires a lot more capacity on our servers. We’re eager to offer our users the convenience of image recognition in order to ensure a smooth report, without annoying jumps or bad numbers on pages.



The image above represents a pre-alpha preview, and does not show the final version. Ideally, this feature is fully developed soon.

I will personally keep our readers updated about the progress of this project, trying to give more detail about the interface development.

Un saludo,

Rubén Olmedo.

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