Reducing Stress for Administrators

According to a study with 200 participants (GFI, 2015), a majority of IT administrators stated that they were highly stressed. Most of them have to deal with the pressure from users and management. For that reason, our IT team wants to simplify the work for your administrators and take away some of the pressure.

IT admins feel that pressure and demands from management clearly are as the biggest contributing factor to their high stress levels. Hot on management’s heels are the end-users who, in their own unique, face-palming ways, drive IT admins up the wall.

Video about the study, Source: GFI

What we will do for you: The setup of the PlagScan accounts for organizations will be even more simplified. Additionally you will be able to optimize settings and certain features. We will provide a list with statistics within the next couple of months, which will provide you with a convenient overview you can forward to your management.

For instance, you as administrator know about all internal guidelines, such as if the plagiarism check will be integrated into a Learning Management System (LMS) or not.

Such specifications define many other options you can select for your organization. We are aware of PlagScan being a complex and multifunctional tool, which is why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to utilize it. We constantly consider efficient IT developments and user interfaces to accommodate particularly the administrators’ perspectives.

Curious already? Here is a little bit of a taste:

The Big Picture:

  • Modification of the administration menu, which will have a better overview through better classifications.
  • New: You will be able to find the most important settings in your administration interface of your organization. 
  • More consistency in the graphical interface of your user interface, which will help you to coordinate your workflow.
  • Detailed statistics about the utilization of PlagScan within your organization right in the administration area.

We have determined the stated improvements by evaluating feedback from current organizational users and their administrators. We would like to refer new users to certain options and features they might be interested in and benefit from.

New Improvements that are already implemented or in progress:

  • Change assigned departments: You’re now able to change assigned departments through a dropdown menu in the administration settings.

The new administration area submission includes the following options:

  • An overview of all submissions including username, amount of uploads, code and deadline.
  • General advise for the usage of your portal (also viewable at the bottom of every submission. You can also include links and lists by using a text editor. Learn more about these two features here.

Your opinion is important to us! Do you have additional ideas on how we could simplify PlagScan for you? Feel free to leave a comment or send your feedback to

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