Press Release: PlagScan Ranked as One of the Top Softwares for Plagiarism Detection Worldwide

PlagScan has been ranked by the European Network for Academic Integrity as one of the best providers for text-matching software. The ranking results from several tests comparing the performance, coverage and usability of 15 products worldwide.

Supporting fair and helpful evaluation and feedback

The main goal of the conducted tests was to compare usability and coverage of the available tools. The criteria for comparison and rating are covering different aspects. From how many documents can be processed at the same time, how understable evidence and matches were highlighted and showcased how accessible and understandable report results are presented.

PlagScan among the top text matching software solution in the ENAI test 2020
Please find the full report here:

“Tools finding matches between texts are a great help to identify authorship. The leading role in safeguarding academic integrity is still taken by humans”, says Markus Goldbach, CEO and founder of PlagScan.

“Software enables all of us to efficiently investigate a document. In the end it is professors and teachers who are in charge evaluating their student’s work and provide them with helpful feedback. PlagScan exists to support this task. We are honored to see we are ranked among the best in doing so.”

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