News Release: Advanced Plagiarism Detection Against Additional Millions of Academic and Scientific Articles

PlagScan is happy to announce the upgrade of its advanced database, which now checks against millions of sources of newly added academic journals and articles. By cooperating with several of the most renowned scientific publishers worldwide, professors, instructors and peer-reviewers can now check theses, articles and assignments for plagiarism. Millions of old and new articles published by Taylor & Francis, BMJ, Gale, a Cengage company, and Wiley will now be referenced during the general checking process, and displayed as a new category within the Plagiarism Report. Due to these strategic cooperations, PlagScan will be able to support academia in their quest to assure the highest quality in education and research.

Millions of scientific articles of the world’s most renowned publishers have been added

According to the Annual STM Report and World Bank data, the number of annually published articles in scientific journals is huge and growing: The estimations range between 2.6 and 3 million articles per year. Taking into consideration the vast amount of over 50 million articles being published since 1665, overlooking not correctly cited passages from an already existing 3 scientific article is problematic for honest and original research as well as education at universities.

Today, more than 2.6 million articles a year get published in peer-reviews journals

Please find the full press release in our press center as downloadable PDF file. If you are interested in an appointment with our team on-site or have questions for us, please let us know via We look forward to meeting you!

More details on the sources and publishers that PlagScan checks are available on

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