PlagScan’s Sales Team Continues to Grow

Vanessa Schlosser joined PlagScan in October to support our growing sales department. Her duties cover a wide variety of tasks, ranging from customer service to event support and more.

Vanessa Schlosser
Vanessa Schlosser provides additional support for PlagScan’s sales department

Vanessa’s reason for joining PlagScan was the opportunity to work with a unique product in a unique company. Being able to change the world a little bit to the better by standing for originality and therefore improving educational systems. By doing so Vanessa wants get a better and deeper understanding of the EdTech market. She sees her main challenge in working across different markets and cultures, with different needs and requirements. By being in touch with as many clients as possible and by learning more about their pain points, she wants to provide the best possible solution for everybody.

Vanessa is originally from São Paulo, Brazil, but also lived many years in Texas as well as in Madrid and Barcelona. Asked about her first days at PlagScan she tells us: “I was pleasantly surprised to come across such a multicultural team and how the company benefits from it by providing a receptive and easy going environment.” In her free time she takes care of her twins, loves cooking (especially desserts) and likes to travel.

About Michael Beck

Michael is an expert in online communities, content creation and user experience while having a background in video gaming and entertainment topics. He decided to join PlagScan's team to support its endeavour to strengthen academic integrity and educate people on the topic of plagiarism and copyright.

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