PlagScan’s New Share Feature

Dear Users,

We are proud to announce our much anticipated new feature: A Share button.

Now, it is possible to share reports with others and allow them to examine the plagiarism analysis for a specific document, without giving away personal login credentials.

For example, teachers can share the plagiarism reports with their students in order to show them possible mistakes. Teachers can also share reports among one another to gain different insights.

PG Share Feature

The user interface shows this feature as a new “Share” (1) button. After clicking it, a dialog with the status and the option to “Share this report” (2) pops up. This will generate a URL address, which can be copied and sent it to the addressee (3).

In the backed this new feature required a lot more changes. We added a new database that stores all associations of random sharekeys, which connect owners and documents.

To maintain security, we implemented a precise checking process of the anonymous users that receive viewing rights to the reports, without compromising access. The anonymous access also required the introduction of a new user role with a right to view the document details, but not the right to make any changes. For instance, the anonymous user is not able to un-share a document or hide result matches.

We hope you will find this new feature as useful as many of our other users. Questions and feedback are always very welcome.


Your PlagScan Team

Über Cati Mayer

Cati ist PlagScans Kommunikationsmanagerin und setzt sich nebenbei für Menschenrechte, insbesondere Bildung ein. Sie ist in Deutschland aufgewachsen hat aber ihr Studium in Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaft, Journalismus und Public Relations in den USA abgeschlossen. In Kalifornien hat sie für mehrere Startup Unternehmen gearbeitet.

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