PlagScan’s new Computational Linguistics intern supports the further development of our new feature Author Metrics

Always interested in computational linguistics, our new intern, Lena Langholf, a Berlin native, follows David Haddad’s footsteps. She will assist the PlagScan team with our new feature Author Metrics to support original writers and thinkers.

PlagScan’s name was not foreign to Lena. On the contrary, she was very familiar with our services as she checked her thesis with our technology. Lena wanted to work in a fast growing tech company which was medium sized in terms of number of employees. Being headquartered in Cologne, PlagScan was a great choice for her as she is used to living in big cities.

“I really like the positive vibe in the office. Everyone seems to get along and the joint lunch is nice.Lena reports that cooking and baking are some of her passions and she is thrilled to learn new recipes and cuisines.

For the last three and a half years, Lena studied Cognitive Science in Osnabrueck where she received her bachelor’s degree. Her studies led her to travel to Estonia for an internship at the Institute of Cybernetics at Tallinn University.

When she wants a break from technology, Lena practices calligraphy–handwritten artistic penmanship. Other passions she has are board and card games like Munchkin, Dominion, and UNO.

Eager to learn more, Lena is excited to work with “a code base maintained by more than one person.” Lena is very grateful for this opportunity and would like to contribute something new to the system that she can be proud of.

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Christelle writes about plagiarism, education or new events about PlagScan. She is from France has been living in Germany for 10 years and traveled in different places like Canada or Austria before settling down. Advocate for fair education, she lends her pen in order to help students and teachers to develop creative writing and critical thinking.

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