PlagScan’s New Computational Linguistics Intern Drives Progress on New Stylometric Feature

David was writing his master thesis in Beirut, Lebanon, when he came across the PlagScan job posting about the computational linguistics internship. He had just become more active in computational linguistics and said he saw a great opportunity to widen his horizon in the field while going on another adventure in a foreign country. Right after his first interview, it became clear that he was the perfect fit for our company.

David is as international as our entire PagScan Team. Originally from New York, he studied anthropology and biology at Metropolitan State University of Denver, Colorado. He continued his graduate education at Stockholm University for his master’s degree in Middle/Near Eastern and Semantic Languages, Literatures and Linguistics.

His professional background is just as diverse as his personal one. From teaching English to working in a greenhouse or research on mummies – David likes to call himself an “interdisciplinary researcher” and has a natural curiosity about nearly anything and everything.

“I was really excited about the positions and projects that PlagScan had available as internships,” he said. “I have some experience with Topic Modeling and Random Text Generation using n-gram models and was looking for other projects to work on to enhance my Comp Ling/NLP portfolio.”

For the next six months, David will play a significant role in developing PlagScan’s new stylometry tool. This new feature aims to find anomalies in writing styles and detect third-party written content (for example from ghostwriters). David will contribute to the framework, analysis and evaluation of the new feature – a task he said he is excited to explore.

“The biggest challenges will probably be debugging and figuring out effective implementations that work across the scale,” he said. “I want to make a stylometry tool that’s intuitive and easy to use. And in the process, I want to improve my technical skills.”

David’s first week has just concluded and we’re already impressed with his ambitions. Aside from working tirelessly on the development of out stylometry feature, we hope he will enjoy Cologne as his new home for the time being. So far, he certainly seems to enjoy his new office environment at least.

“This is the first software company I’ve ever worked at,” he said. ”I like how generally relaxed everyone seems and that the management really seems to care about their employees.”

Welcome to the team, David!

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