PlagScan’s Monthly Events Foster Team Building and After-Work Fun

PlagScan offers employees with varied and appealing events every month.

We organize small events in the office and bigger events outside of it. Not only employees are invited to attend the events but also their family members.

These kinds of events help us to bring the team and also the families closer together. Talking and spending time together can strengthen the connection between the employees, which leads to a better collaboration at the workspace. PlagScan supplies some meals, snacks and drinks at the events.

The event for October 2018 was the Gaming Night, where we invented our own games and played them together. This was the second time we’ve had a gaming night event.

Here is a small description of the game we played:

Every person gets four pieces of paper. Now everyone has to think about 4 words, people, quotes or titles to write on each of the papers. Below these words, the player writes four words, which cannot be used in round one to describe the word. Fold all of the papers, so people have to unfold them, in order to be able to read them and put them in a bowl.

Hand around the bowl with the words on paper to one person of a team. That person now has a specific amount of time (see each round), where it draws one word on paper – tries to have the other team members guess the word, draws the next and so on, and so on. Afterward, the player hands over the bowl to a team member from the other team and they start a guessing round.

We have interviewed a longtime PlagScan employee,  who joined us three years ago and a new colleague, who became a member of our team just a few months ago.

Conny is working with us for years now and is the alumni organizer of the events.

How was the atmosphere?

Conny: The atmosphere was great.

Which game did you play?

Conny: Bingo and a game that is a mix of “Tabu” and “Who am I.” It is a game that we invented.

Why did you guys choose this game?

Conny: A lot of people can play it at the same time and It’s fun.

Did you get enough information about the game? Did you get any explanation?

Conny: Yes, we got a good explanation.

What advantages come with having these kinds of events?

Conny: Well, first of all, it’s fun. You can compete in a relaxed atmosphere. Little groups of people who usually don’t work together can come together and play games.

Would you like to attend this kind of gaming night event again?

Conny: Sure, any time!


Here is the little interview from our new employee Mauricio Fernandes.

How was the atmosphere?

Mauricio: it’s always fun when we have events as a team.

Why did you choose the game?

Mauricio: The game that was made up from our colleague was more interactive.

What kind of advantages did it bring to the team?

Mauricio: It helps us to be more creative.


PlagScan is enjoying the monthly events a lot and looking forward to the events we will have in 2019.


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