PlagScan Updates the Possible Uploading File Size


20 MB => 100 MB!

A common theme we’ve seen in customer feedback was the request for an increased data size when uploading documents to the software. To accommodate the request, we are happy to announce an increased maximum file size from 20 MB to 100 MB! This will help our users for future uploads of bigger files. For example, documents that contain high-resolution images or really long text.

PlagScan’s improved infrastructure, which balances for resources and databases enabled the change. The increased file size applies to all files uploaded in the document manager, submissions, drag & drop and remote files storage (dropbox, google drive and onedrive).

The impact on other features

This option will certainly extend the usage possibilities of several new features we have developed or improved in the past couple of months. For example, our storage system that enables the gathering of all uploaded and checked documents from all users – the “Organization repository“, has an extended use now. With the increased upload file size by which users can not only compare against old documents in their account that had a limited size, but also new ones without filtering them for “heavy” elements inside as high-resolution images etc.

Increasing the limitation of the file size to 100 MB will also greatly impact on how the submission portals are being used. Students especially gave us feedback that sometimes they experience troubles to submit their work because of the file limit. Even though we check the text for plagiarism, these papers would often consist of images or formulas. That greatly increased the file size thus rendering them unable to submit the paper. This issue is now in the past. Users that often use the submission portal can finally smoothly submit their work.

We hope you will be able to benefit from the change. As always, feel free to reach out for further questions, concerns and feedback.


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