New Commenting Feature for Plagiarism Reports

Thanks to PlagScans new feature, the comment function, teachers will be able to tell their students directly when and where they can improve their work. We as a company want our customers to have the best experience possible. In order to guarantee this, we created a tutorial for this new feature. The tutorial will show how easy it is to use the comment function. The communication between two parties will speed up massively, since the comments can directly be seen by the document owner. When receiving a comment from one user the receiving user is able to respond to that comment directly. This new commenting function is still in beta phase until the end of 2017 but you can already take advantage of it.


How does it work?

Just select the text you would like to comment on. When the text is selected click on the speech bubble in order to add a comment.

You will see a little window, popping up on the right side. Here, you can write a comment to which to document owner can reply. You can either close or delete the comment. In order to close the comment please click on the “x”. You also have the possibility to delete the comment completely. This is done by clicking on the trash can on the right head corner of the comment window.

When closing the comment, it will appear as a speech bubble on the right side of the text. By clicking on it, you will be able to see the comment again.


How to see others’ previous comments?

You will have to possibilities to view others’ comments:

  1. As a side bar by clicking on the comments button: The comment history will appear on the right side next to the text. With this possibility, you will be able to read all previous comments on the report.
  2. By clicking on the comment icon inside the text: You will be able to only view one comment at a time. This comment is directed to only one highlighted match. The user can drag and drop the dialog box into the report interface.

How to delete comments?

If users do not need their comments anymore – because they updated their documentation according to those comments or the comments are simply not relevant anymore – they can click on the trash can icon to delete it. All the comments will be deleted that way.


Check out this video tutorial

Below, you can watch the tutorial about the new function. 

Try the new commenting option and leave us your feedback below!


About Christelle Delaleuf

Christelle writes about plagiarism, education or new events about PlagScan. She is from France has been living in Germany for 10 years and traveled in different places like Canada or Austria before settling down. Advocate for fair education, she lends her pen in order to help students and teachers to develop creative writing and critical thinking.

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    • Cati Mayer

      Dear Frank,
      Thanks for pointing this out. We are currently working on a solution for this and hope to enable the option soon. Please be patient with us until early next year.
      Have a great day!
      Your PlagScan Team