PlagScan Releases Beta Version of New LTI Integration for Canvas

PlagScan has been integrable into numerous Learning Management Systems (LMS), like Moodle, Canvas etc. for quite some time. To keep up with the latest standards of your system, we have updated our Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) integration, which lets you integrate external tools like PlagScan into your LMS. A beta version for Canvas is now available and includes improved features as well as a variety of new functionalities.



The LTI integration has been integrating PlagScan and Canvas to interconnect all data and content. This way, a single-sign-on suffices to access tools like PlagScan through your Canvas with no need to open a separate window. The integration is fully automatic and enhances your user experience while simplifying your workflow. Best of all: It doesn’t require any additional labor or costs.


New Features

Improved access and visuals

PlagScan’s user interface is now directly integrated into your platform via iframe. Teachers and students receive different and tailored views about the submission, which focus on the specific needs of both user groups.

A student's view of PlagScan's integrated interface in Canvas.

A student’s view of PlagScan’s integrated interface in Canvas.

Expanded submission settings

Teachers have the possibility to change submission settings with an easy drop-down menu. A variety of new settings enables teachers to request or enable specific tasks for students. For example, the new resubmission setting allows students to replace their previously uploaded files with new submissions.

A Teacher's view of PlagScan's integrated interface in Canvas.

A teacher’s view of PlagScan’s integrated interface in Canvas.


Automatic user identification

PlagScan automatically creates a new user in the system, if an unidentified user accesses a submission. This way, users don’t need to enter their data to submit a file.


Auto involvement of other teachers

The system auto-involves teachers that have access to a submission but are not the owner. This way, teachers can access documents and submission settings fast and hassle-free.


Control over documents

You can limit the maximum amount of documents a student can upload. You can also decide whether students should be able to access the plagiarism reports or not.


Test the Beta Version

The new beta version of our LTI integration is not fully developed yet. We will update you with further developments and publish a manual to describe all functionalities. Even though the new version is already available, you can still use the previous version for a while.

If you want to test the new version for Canvas, you can use the following configuration file:

We would appreciate your feedback and ideas for improvement! Please don’t hesitate to call +49 221 759 889 92 or email us at

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