PlagScan meeting room

The PlagScan meeting area is 50m² large combining meeting tables, kitchen and space to hang. The 5 large windows lighten the room and give us the chance to have a great view over Cologne, Ehrenfeld.


Picture 1: overview about the Kitchen and the Meeting room area



Picture 2: view from the windows over Cologne



Hardware system in PlagScan


Today we want to introduce to you how we setup our meeting room, because we put quite some effort in it and would have considered ourselves lucky, if we had found a blog post, which contains those insights already :):

PlagScan’s meeting room is equipped with (rarely linked, cause commission unintended)

  • a large table: The table consists of environmentally friendly materials and was custom built by the team itself
  • second hand cantilever chairs with great value-for-money
    • that’s nothing to plan, obviously, but there are always offers around!
  • a laptop, pinned to the wall, which is kind of old, but now has found its perfect retirement purpose, which is being the meeting room’s control center
    • X220 Thinkpad with an i3 and 8GB RAM
  • a projector mounted to the ceiling projecting on the white wall / canvas
    • BENQ – BEK2737935
  • a bluetooth microphone on the table with up to 2.5m distance to a speaker, which is slightly too sensitive (catches keyboard typing), but more importantly catches everyone’s voice nicely for video conferences in good quality!
    • Jabra Speak 510
  • a webcam, we pinned to the wall right above the projector’s field of projection, with every participant in its field of vision
    • Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam
  • a whiteboard with different colour markers that we hang out on the wall besides the canvas, in order to allow spontaneous creativity to flourish
    • Random 160x100cm whiteboard with refillable markers from edding
  • cords, cords, cords 🙂 – that is quite individual and apart from the bluetooth microphone we decided to connect the electronics with white cords, running on white wall and ceilings. It’s not perfect, but we’d say aesthetically acceptable :).


Picture 3: Overview of the Meeting Room                                         



 Picture 4: The Canvas, the whiteboard and the Camera we hang out on the wall


The PlagScan freetime area 


This is our list for our start-up meeting room we wanted to share with you guys, in order to provide you with an inspiration for your solution. Since we got a really big room there, we added further purpose to the room, but that is very optional (but of course highly recommended 🙂 – To get a really comfortable appearance we decided to equip the room with a grey sofa and a small cupboard.

The Cupboard carries a 48” – TV, XBOX ONE and a few books. The whole team can have fun and enjoy their time, e.g. using the room for our monthly events. This is spiced up with yet another area to hang, with two bar stools and our trade fair counter being set up (it’s lovely to give it purpose, while not serving us in our booth!). So, we hope that helped or at least entertained the reader. If you are curious about some more details, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Picture 5: PlagScan having fun at the monthly event                 



 Picture 6: PlagScan freetime area



PlagScan’s home constructors