PlagScan is One of Europe’s Top 10 EdTech Solution Providers

Every year the magazine Education Technology Insights awards the top 10 providers of edtech products. This year we are proud to be part of that list and to receive this endorsement.

Modern technology is continuing to spread in classrooms, which is why the magazine is highlighting proved but still promising solutions in the education sector. Especially with the flexibility and range of features our software provides, the editorial team found PlagScan worth of their shortlist of the most prominent organizations in the industry. Due to our software being tailored not just for large organizations like universities and publishers but also individual users and smaller schools, we are considered to be a trailblazer in the education sector.

Along with this digital renaissance comes the need to uphold
the creator’s copyright, predominantly in academia, where
students hold the authorship for their work. At this juncture,
PlagScan provides not only a plagiarism detection too, serving
as validation for original penmanship but also its software
analyses writing style
helping to protect potential ghostwriting
in the academic sector (‘contract cheating’).

Education Technology Insights, December – 09 – 2019
Marcus Goldbach and Johannes Knabe, founders of PlagScan, receive the award
Marcus Goldbach and Johannes Knabe, founders of PlagScan, accept the award.

With our mission to preserve the originality of work, we are helping students and teachers to ensure the academic integrity of written texts. By extending beyond academic use cases PlagScan also provides the possibility for content creators like websites, print magazines and publishers to check intellectual property for copyright infringements. According to the editorial team of Education Technology Insights, it goes without saying that while there are plenty of plagiarism tools in existence, PlagScan offers a promising avenue to retain and enhance academic integrity, all the while focusing on the development of students as original writers and creative thinkers – and trying to establish fair and equal education standards worldwide.

You can find the full cover story on us by Education Technology Insights as downloadable PDF file as well as our press release in our press center. Do you have questions about this cover story and this edtech award or are interested in an interview yourself? Feel free to leave a comment under this post or send us a message at We look forward hearing from you.

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Michael is an expert in online communities, content creation and user experience while having a background in video gaming and entertainment topics. He decided to join PlagScan's team to support its endeavour to strengthen academic integrity and educate people on the topic of plagiarism and copyright.

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