PlagScan Integrates New Usage Statistics Feature

Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation of the Sucess of Anti-Plagiarism Measures in Education

PlagScan is proud to introduce Administrators to one of the most in demand features: Usage Statistics. We developed this feature based on user feedback and from now on, users can see how PlagScan supports the quest to cultivate original thinkers.

This new feature allows all the activities within an organization to be continuously monitored. This is particularly useful for customers who want to evaluate the success of their anti-plagiarism measures through a visual presentation of data.

Why should you have a look at your usage statistics?

1. Assess the success of  plagiarism prevention measures

At PlagScan, we think that successful plagiarism prevention should be tracked in order to establish if current prevention measures are helpful or if more action need to be taken to support students. Academic integrity is an ongoing process and the first step is to decrease plagiarism at institutions.

2. See things clearly

Across organizations, many documents are uploaded via different accounts from different groups of users. These processes can now be visualised using Usage Statistics (Beta),  where this feature provides an overview of an entire organization on a single page.

Usage Statistics provides answers to frequently asked questions that an administrator needs to assess the success of a recently introduced plagiarism checker. Some of these questions are:

  • Has plagiarism decreased since we introduced PlagScan?
  • Is PlagScan adoption increasing?
  • How many documents are checked with PlagScan?
  • How many documents contain plagiarism?

  3. Check how an organization is doing

Usage Statistics is divided into different sections that cover different areas.

First, one can analyse the progress of an Organization.

In order to improve academic integrity, it is important to get an overview of the situation. This  section shows three different aspects of PlagScan usage:

  • Severity: how severe plagiarism is at an organization
  • Documents: how many documents are uploaded and how many of them are checked.
  • Usage: how many users are logging into PlagScan every day and how often.

4. See if one group is using PlagScan more than others

“After our customers have gained an overview of their general PlagScan usage behavior, they can also find this data for each subgroup” explains Markus Goldbach, CEO of PlagScan. After getting an overview of the whole organization, investigate if there is any unusual activity related to a specific group. Students behavior regarding plagiarism should be the same way in each group or department and differences between them could indicate that plagiarism is perceived or prevented differently between departments.  

Usage Statistics is in active development and still in Beta. If you experience anything unexpected while running the software, please contact us and let us know what you experienced.

Watch our video tutorial for an overview of this outstanding feature

Thank you for using our software.

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Christelle writes about plagiarism, education or new events about PlagScan. She is from France has been living in Germany for 10 years and traveled in different places like Canada or Austria before settling down. Advocate for fair education, she lends her pen in order to help students and teachers to develop creative writing and critical thinking.

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