PlagScan Heralds the Start of 2017 With Another Hire in the Software Development Department

Mohamed is PlagScan’s newest addition to the software development team. He just moved from Egypt to Germany and is looking forward to a bright future with the company.

He graduated in computer science in 2011 and worked in e-marketing and SEO. Due to the growing trends in programming in Egypt, Mohamed decided to work in web programming at a Saudi Arabian company with branches in Dubai, Cairo and Riyadh.

“I spent most of my career life in there,” Mohamed said.

Mohamed’s main responsibility is to support the frontend team in order to integrate the CMS with Plagscan’s backend system.

“I hope to be able to prove my skills and to be a good contribution to the team,” Mohamed said.

Even though he just started working for PlagScan, Mohamed said he has been enjoying the company culture – particularly his fellow team mates.

“They are so helpful. They don’t only help me to get settled at work but have also helped me to organize my new life in Germany.”

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