PlagScan Helps and Supports in Times of “Social Distancing”

The current spread of COVID-19 and the precautions taken to decrease its expansion have put many institutions into challenging situations. The team of PlagScan is making sure our software runs smoothly during the higher demands of a more digitized and remote education environment worldwide.

We understand that education and business are facing tough times, but together we can keep things going. If you need a partner to help in adopting a remote education or work environment, we have the experience to support you. Reach out to us!

The current situation is forcing teachers, professors and students to embrace digital learning and new ways of working, learning and interacting. This is truly an opportunity for growth, improvement and finding a solution that works best. Now is perhaps the best time to improve your digital tools.

The same applies if you are a company and need to keep your business running without being able to meet in the same location. Communication with customers across different industries has changed due to travel bans, quarantines and canceled events. This often requires alternative solutions in digital formats.

The Team of PlagScan is here to help and support you in making things run smoothly during times of distance learning and remote teamwork.

We want to share with you our combined knowledge and the experience learned from decades of work in education technology as well as the feedback and responses from our users all over the world. Over the next days we will provide resources via our channels that can help you during this time. So stay tuned, but most important: Stay safe!

Read more in our FAQ: Digital tools that support in times of limitations and lockdowns.

About Verena Gehrmann

Verena is our fierce defender of Academic Integrity. She pointed out that everybody should have the same chances to develop themselves, regardless of their backgrounds and that education plays an important role in equality. The open-minded native German branched out to another continent to explore a new culture when she studied in Tübingen, Beijing, and Taipei. She stayed in Taipei for four more years, developing marketing and branding strategies for different IT markets around the globe.

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