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What is Didacta?

The world’s largest education fair, Didacta – usually held in Germany – expands to Italy. The fair’s committee chose one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Italy, Florence. Didacta Fierra will host more than 80 workshops as well as numerous seminars and activities around the newest trends in education and technologies.

Why is the Didacta important for PlagScan?

At PlagScan, we believe that education is essential and one of the most important aspects of life. As a plagiarism checker, we advocate for integrity and originality in academics. Didacta serves as an outlet where we inform ourselves about the latest education trends. We also learn from other educators about issues in the field and receive feedback about our service. We have previously attended the fair in Germany with great success. Now, are excited to be attending the Italian version on September 29, 2017.

Furthermore, we are lucky to have Davide Filippone on our team, a young international sales manager from Italy. He is passionate about Edtech and a real digital strategist.

didacta italy davide


Our Presentation: How to Protect Yourself Against Copy and Paste

Davide Filippone will present “How to protect yourself against Copy and Paste” on September the 29 from 12:00 to 13:00 in Fortezza da Basso, Room D2.

In our digital world, most knowledge is available online. To copy and past information from internet sources into homework assignments or essays had become a significant issue for many schools and universities around the globe. The consequences are a lack of critical thinking, writing, and composition skills. At PlagScan, we see our duty in improving education by preventing academic frauds. Our presentation at Didacta will help teachers to raise awareness about creative thinking and the creation of original content.


If you have questions or want to reserve a seat for the presentation, please feel free to contact or visit our Italian website:




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Christelle writes about plagiarism, education or new events about PlagScan. She is from France has been living in Germany for 10 years and traveled in different places like Canada or Austria before settling down. Advocate for fair education, she lends her pen in order to help students and teachers to develop creative writing and critical thinking.

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