PlagScan Expands Its Team With a CFO

For every growing and successful company comes the time when the business side of things needs a proper Chief Financial Officer. That is why Thomas Hlinka joined PlagScan to support the company in terms of accounting and controlling. Thomas has a background as tax consultant and tax advisor, with a degree in economics. Before joining PlagScan he was responsible for Accounting, Controlling and HR in a plastic packaging producing company.

After entering PlagScan’s office rooms for the very first time, Thomas was impressed by the welcoming atmosphere and the comfortable feeling. Seeing that in this environment he would be able to move something in a positive way within a company with a positive vision, he decided that PlagScan was the place for him to be. Being also able grow on a personal level by moving the company forward on the lines of his position were a big plus for him to join our company.

For Thomas there lie many opportunities and challenges ahead for PlagScan, which he would like to tackle. With his knowledge and expertise, he wants to help the company to move into the right direction and make a huge impact in the world of educational technologies.

In his free time Thomas is passionate about martial arts, especially thai-boxing and mixed martial arts. He also likes to train dogs, a hobby he can undertake with his very own German Shepherd Dog. But what Thomas loves most is spending time with his wife and his little daughter.

About Michael Beck

Michael is an expert in online communities, content creation and user experience while having a background in video gaming and entertainment topics. He decided to join PlagScan's team to support its endeavour to strengthen academic integrity and educate people on the topic of plagiarism and copyright.

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