PlagScan’s 10th Anniversary and Office Warming Party

2019 marks not only another expansion of our team, the move to a new and bigger office, the launch of new exciting features like Author Metrics and a big expansion of our database of scientific documents, but also the 10 year anniversary of PlagScan as a company. To celebrate all those milestones, we invited partners, clients, friends, former colleagues and employees, members of the press and politics to join the celebration in our offices with a view of the Cologne Cathedral, the Cologne Media Tower, the Colonius Tower and the DITIB Central Mosque.

The Team of PlagScan
The Team of PlagScan

The event was officially kicked off by PlagScan’s founders Markus Goldbach (CEO) and Dr. Johannes Knabe (CTO), talking about the origins of the company and the idea behind PlagScan. Several anecdotes provided guests with context for a better understanding of the spirit of TOPS (Team of PlagScan) and set a light mood for the evening. Markus Goldbach used the huge meeting table in PlagScan’s big meeting room as a metaphor for the company. Pointing out that it consists of multiple smaller tables, of different age, color and shape, which but perfectly fit together to create something big and beautiful. “10 years of plagiarism detection, 20 employees and 2,000 customers. These figures legitimize our efforts. I am proud of our team and look forward to PlagScan protecting copyright and academic integrity for the next 10 years,” Markus Goldbach concluded. After this greeting, guests were regaled with exquisite live music, lebanese finger food, soft drinks and a mobile cocktail bar.

We would like thank everybody for joining us for this very special event and celebrating PlagScan’s success, growth and history together with us. We are looking forward to the next 10 years fighting for academic integrity and originality in the fields of education and science!

About Michael Beck

Michael is an expert in online communities, content creation and user experience while having a background in video gaming and entertainment topics. He decided to join PlagScan's team to support its endeavour to strengthen academic integrity and educate people on the topic of plagiarism and copyright.

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