PlagScan jetted through 2018 like never before. New features, software improvements and new hires are only a few of our expansion successes. Now we want to become more present for the public and are planning to leave out cozy office more often to dedicate more time to meet with people… Read More »

PlagScan to Attend Major Education Conferences in Europe

By our guest blogger Jane Sandwood. Globally, only half as many self-employed folks describe their well-being in positive terms, compared with people working full time for an employer. Self-employed writers juggle numerous roles, from producing content to bookkeeping, often logging long hours in isolation. It’s a recipe for burnout, which often manifests as… Read More »

How Writers Can Win the Battle Against Burnout

Code smells are a set of common signs which indicate that your code is not good enough and it needs refactoring to finally have a clean code. In this article, I am going to explain the code smells with real-life examples from real projects on GitHub and show you the… Read More »

Write Clean Code and Get Rid of Code Smells with ...

PlagScan Beispiel Bericht
The plagiarism report is one of PlagScan’s key features. Upon submission of a document, our users receive an interactive report displaying the results of the plagiarism investigation. The colored highlighting of matches and the source list simplify the evaluation process for our users. PlagScan also provides the option to visit… Read More »

New Split View for the Plagiarism Report Enhances User Experience ...