One fits all – PlagScan and Shibboleth now connectable

Creating and managing excel sheets for all users of an organization takes time that you don’t always want to spend. Big sized organizations in particular, with a lot of employees or teachers prefer to have one list with no need to create separate ones for any IT services they use. When it comes to members they only want to have one password instead of having to memorize a multiple credentials for different IT services.

PlagScan + Shibbo Being aware of this issue with our clients, we decided to make things easier by enabling PlagScan to be integrated into a Single-Sign-On service. From now on, organizations that are already using Shibboleth can link PlagScan to benefit from its “one fits it all” system.

Integration made easy

To finally get your PlagScan connected to Shibboleth we created an easy configuration guide that gives you feedback about bugs along the way.  Even organizations that use LDAP, can access to the PlagScan Integration on Shibboleth by using a Shibboleth adapter. We hope this helps you to save your time and energy to focus on more important things. If you have any questions about the PlagScan Shibboleth integration, let us know:

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