Old Year Gone (2017) Is the New Year Ahead (2018)



OYGINYA – Hotel zum Walde – Stolberg – Germany


With the beginning of every new year, people around the globe set their new year’s resolutions to challenging themselves for the better. For many companies, it is the time to define new procedures and target new projects. Some companies connect this time to an end-of-the-year company retreat at an offsite location, where teams can discuss the past year and work on new strategies for the upcoming year. Employees and Managers work together hand in hand away from the daily business issues. PlagScan’s annual OYGINYA (old year gone into the new year ahead) is an event that brings the team closer together and strengthens the company culture.

OYGINYA: Our Home-made Offsite

PlagScan is a progressive and dynamic company with a flexible work structure. Our CEO Markus Goldbach developed OYGINYA, which stands for Old Year Gone Into the New Year Ahead and takes place in December of each year.

Our team retreats to an offsite location for two days to focus on teambuilding efforts and activities that support personal and professional development. Between workshops and presentations, we also enjoy different outdoor activities for creativity. 


OLD  YEAR GONE: Summary of the past year

We started our two-day event with a presentation about our accomplishments of 2017. We had a discussion about previous projects objectives of last year’s OYGINYA. This presentation gave employees and managers the chance to reflect on themselves and to create an overview of current endeavors. This also helped our new employees to build an understanding of PlagScan’s mission and goals. Furthermore, managers presented our market position and other aspects of our company values.


INTO THE NEW YEAR AHEAD: Workshops from managers and employees

Conveying new ideas or strategy and testing the acceptance amongst employees can be tricky. As a creative company, we gladly welcome team input. At PlagScan, our managers always try to find new ways to foster creativity and to gather ideas. Our organizational structure is divided into two departments: The business and development department. Many workshops included the pairing of team members across different departments to create a better understanding of each other.

As every year, employees had the opportunity to animate workshop on topics which benefits the company’s organization, goals and their colleagues for their personal growth. Employees involvement in non-routine related topics is a key at OYGYNIA. We leave our daily work behind to focus on company-related topics for the benefit of all.

This year, for example, we were introduced to new project management systems. According to our team’s feedback, this project had an immediate implementation. We will test this solution in order to improve our workflow and effectiveness as the entity.


Strategy and Corporate Identity

The third aspect of OYGINYA this year was the focus on strategy and company identity. We reflect upon our value, core principles and what makes us an evolutionary company. One of the workshops helped to empathize on the principles behind the concept in order to define ourselves better. OYGINYA gives us an opportunity to reflect on ourselves and to coordinate the type of organization we would like to grow into.


Fun and  Togetherness

What is company retreat, without relaxing activities? OYGINYA’s goal is to work together in a different environment with outside activities like bowling or hiking. Throughout the two days, we have grown closer and discussed topics we wouldn’t have had a chance to talk about on a normal working day. The entire company came together, even though our team had grown to an extent where the coordination of the annual event had become more laborious. However, the work was worth the effort and we’re looking forward to a fruitful new year and fulfilling all our new year’s resolutions.


What are your new year’s resolutions?

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