News Release: Stagnating Educational Performance According to PISA Study

The recently published PISA Study for 2018 by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development finds that the state of literary, mathematical and scientific skills of students in primary and secondary education stagnates across all OECD countries. Besides the 25% of students that are notable to identify the main idea in texts of moderate lengths, only 10% of all students can really mast complex reading and distinguish between fact and opinion. But the main reason for this might not be due to inefficient teaching methods, but missing time to nurture and foster students’ full potential.

Any student can change the world
Any student can change the world

Teachers teach in schools, but they also need to assess and grade students performances. While 95% of all students across the OECD can access the internet at home, teachers often face uncertainty if texts are really fully written by the student that claims it. In times of unlimited “free” resources on the internet that can be copy/pasted into assignments, students are often tempted to take a shortcut. In schools where plagiarism detection software hasn’t been implemented, teachers usually copy suspicious phrases into a search engine, and hope to uncover the source on the internet. This takes away a lot of time that could be dedicated to really evaluate a students work. By automating the task of finding uncited or copied phrases and passages, teachers will get to understand the level of students literacy in order to nurture them.

When evaluating every student’s assignment that is digitally submitted to a teacher, PlagScan’s software is also able to detect if the text was written by the student at all. Given the alarming increase in so called “essay mills” online, as well as parents, siblings or friends that are willing to write a document for weaker students, authorship verification will also support teachers in their quest to detect cheating students.

Please find our full press release on the recent PISA study in our press center as downloadable PDF file. If you are interested in an appointment with our team on-site, have questions for us, or are interested in an interview, please let us know via We look forward to hearing from you!

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