New Split View for the Plagiarism Report Enhances User Experience For PlagScan Customers

The plagiarism report is one of PlagScan’s key features. Upon submission of a document, our users receive an interactive report displaying the results of the plagiarism investigation. The colored highlighting of matches and the source list simplify the evaluation process for our users. PlagScan also provides the option to visit the original source if matches have occurred.

If you previously clicked on the button “Highlight matches in source” a new window would appear that contained the sources of matches. This week, we finally implemented a split view for the plagiarism report. The view displays the original source side-by-side with your document.

PlagScan Example Report

What does the split view do?

With this new view, it is now easier than ever to view and evaluate your documents. Instead of dealing with multiple windows or tabs in your browser and switching back and forth to compare documents, you can now see matches in a side-by-side view directly on your screen.

You see your original document on the left side and the source containing the match on the right side. The text matches of one particular source are highlighted both in your and in the source document. If you click on the highlights in your document, the corresponding match in the source will also be highlighted. Comparing the matches in context often helps to decide whether the plagiarism was intentional.

You can use the arrow keys to navigate through the matches of your text. You can find the source name on top of the right view. By clicking it, you will get redirected to the source in a new tab.

By clicking the “disable” button, you leave the split view again.

We hope that all our users enjoy this new feature. We certainly think it makes the evaluation of the report more pleasant than ever before. Please feel free to leave feedback in the comments below or contact us at if you have further questions about the split view.

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