NEW: Share submission and collaborate

Carrying a bunch of printed submissions to your fellow teachers is outdated. PlagScan now offers a share function for submissions that works with just a few clicks. This function enables teachers to share all documents within a submission with their colleagues. No need for sitting in front of the same computer to collaborate. All sharing participants can easily view plagiarism reports  of a given submission from their own desktops.

share function English

In order to share a submission a teacher just needs to click at ‘Involve’ while he is creating a submission. He then chooses the user (out of his organization) he wants to share the submission with.

A submission can not only be shared between teachers but also from teacher to subdivision and teacher to the whole organization. To keep track of all submissions shared the respective documents and submissions will be labeled and there is also a new “shared with me” section in the document manager to maintain an overview. Check out this new feature and let us know what you think about it.



Have a look at our brandnew submission video tutorials:

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