New Sales Manager to Target the North and South American Market

Sales Manager AmericaOne of our goals for 2018 is to expand our service in North and South America. We already have multiple users in America that have expressed appreciation for our software. Now, we want to help more institutions, businesses, and individuals to get to know PlagScan and benefit from our plagiarism detection service.

To accommodate particularly South America, we were looking for a Spanish (ideally also Portuguese)-speaking sales manager, who would also be able to work in the proper time zone. We are more than happy to announce that we have finally found a great fit!

Maurício Fernandes has joined us as sales manager for all of America and Iberia. He is originally from São Paulo, Brazil but lived in Madrid and Barcelona for the past three years, where he worked as an account manager for several international businesses.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in publicity and advertising and a master’s degree in marketing management from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in São Paulo. Throughout his career, he gained additional sales, marketing, and international relations experiences. Maurício convinced us quickly to be the perfect person for the position.

“I plan to develop the American and Iberian market to make PlagScan a recognizable brand,” he said. “There is a lot of information to absorb as well as different strategies to design for each market, but I am confident that we can overcome any challenge with teamwork.”

Maurício had been looking for a new challenge and came across our job posting while browsing through LinkedIn. He said the PlagScan ultimately caught his attention.

“It seemed like PlagScan’s company culture had a really horizontal style,” he said. “After the interview process, I realized quickly how easy it is to communicate with everyone.”

Maurício is now in the process of moving to Cologne with his wife and his two children.

“It is an intense experience,” he said. “But I look forward to what the future holds.”

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