New Report – Improved Overview & Preserved Format

PlagScan has a new plagiarism report, designed to make it even easier to judge a document’s originality.

Now the formatting of an uploaded text is preserved, including images and tables on each page. This allows for a straightforward mapping to the original document even if it is printed – you can reference corresponding sentences easily, e.g. “check page 15, paragraph 3”.


For a good overview at first sight we added the PlagBar: a barcode indicating the distribution of suspicious matches in the document. It shows the pages in one flat bar, and on the pages there is a light red stroke for each occurence of potential plagiarism.

So the more lines there are on a page and the darker the red the more plagiarism there is: You can spot affected pages at a glance and whether the matches are compact and local or widely spread.


Custormers are free to decide whether they want to change to the new report design or stay int the previous mode. Nonetheless the new report`s improvements are definitely worth to check.

In order to change to the new report:

1. Click  on SETTINGS.
3. Change to “NEW – BETA”


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