New Progress in the Development of the Report Interface

We’re happy to announce further progresses in our report interface. We have already introduced an early stage interface back in June, in which user documents resembled the original formatting. Now, we have released a prototype with many improvements, which will be available to selected users at the end of October.

What do PlagScanians (as these crazy people call themselves) do? Basically, we are experts in handling and organizing information (with a big heart for data security). We love what we do and want to make sure our users will have great experiences with PlagScan. In order to achieve this, we will remove a lot of distracting visual elements. We will also simplify the scanning process and improve overall interactions.

We want our users to achieve their goals when analyzing their documents. Our software has been tested several times within the past years and has always scored top ratings among critiques and user reviews. However, we don’t stop here. We want to learn more about our customers and are happy to accommodate anyone with our flexible service.

Report Redesign MeetingWe gathered and reviewed all user feedback, and analyzed all needs, goals and wishes. We also acknowledged all negative user feedback. Given all feedback, we started building PlagScan new from scratch. Step by step, we included all user suggestions and created a whole new interface, which is easy and quick to understand.

We learned which features are important to our customers, and how the interaction between user and interface should work. The next step is updating the visual appearance.

I am personally responsible for the visuals of the new report. I am looking forward to introducing the improvements of an already great product. Our advanced algorithm now runs within a brand-new look and feel. Our whole team has been working closely together with our customers to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

We are continuously progressing with several software improvements, which is only possible because of user feedback. Please feel free to leave your feedback for us anytime. Your opinion is most valuable for us!

Stay tuned for more!




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