New Options for Institutions to Customize PlagScan

PlagScan users want to make good use of their time – this usually doesn’t include manual administration tasks. Still, systems have to be adapted and maintained to provide smooth service. However, everybody is different: Requirements can vary to an extent that is just as large as the number of our organizational customers themselves.

Therefore, we’re constantly working on developing configuration options to meet every possible need. Recently, we added a couple more Global Policies that help to adapt PlagScan Pro to the different needs of different users and institutions.

Prevent groups from contributing to the organization repository

You can prevent users in certain groups from moving documents into the organization archive. For example, student drafts might not be added to avoid false positive matches. Furthermore, you can block all groups for a centrally controlled entry point (e.g. a dedicated “archive account”).

Automatic deletion of inactive users

If a user from your organization has not logged into their PlagScan account for 12 months, the system will automatically delete this user. The affected person will receive an email notification prior to deletion. This housekeeping cleanup-job avoids cluttering of the user administration, and in some cases, removal of users and data might be a regulatory and legal requirement.

When shall documents be considered for internal cross-checks?

For internal plagiarism checks within your organization against the repository, you can decide if you want to include documents in the document manager workspace of your organization’s users or if only those in the archive should be included.

Custom texts and colors

Now it’s also possible to adapt the color scheme on the plagiarism checking portal page somewhat to match your CI.
For example, check out the login page of ETH Zurich:
Besides the logo and color changes, we think it is very important to maintain communication. That way, your organization’s users always have a clear understanding of what happens with their data in the system.

Customer success

We understand that every added optionality increases the complexity of the setup. Thus, we will improve the interface usability, provide templates and make concise manuals.
However, our sales and support staff are constantly trained to provide the best consultation to make each roll-out a success!
Never hesitate to contact us at if you have questions and concerns.

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