New Junior Sales Manager Supports Growing GSA Team

It actually has been a while since Hendrik Bröhl joined PlagScan. But the German, Swiss and Austrian markets are growing strong and that is exactly the reason why Hendrik joined the team … and why his introduction is a little bit belated due to much but very exciting workload since day one. During his application process he realized that years ago he already made contact with PlagScan when he was writing his master thesis for the German Sport University Cologne, which is utilizing our PlagScan-in-a-BOX solution.

For Hendrik the possibility to work for PlagScan and why he loves it consists of a multitude of factors and the combination of those: The company’s field of activity within the area of educational technology, the team oriented approach, the flat hierarchies as well as the chance to make a difference. Having all this basically “around the corner” made everything just perfect.

“I was welcomed with open arms right from the beginning and had a very pleasant start as the new Junior Sales Manager for Germany, Switzerland and Austria,” Hendrik says. “The team was super supportive and the first months just flew by.”

During his studies at the German Sport University Cologne Hendrik worked as athletics trainer for the junior football team of Fortuna Düsseldorf. He also worked as deputy manager for an institution in the fitness. Theses activities should be proof enough that Hendrik loves to spend his free time with sports. He is also working on improving his cooking skills and on transforming his apartment into an “urban jungle”.

About Michael Beck

Michael is an expert in online communities, content creation and user experience while having a background in video gaming and entertainment topics. He decided to join PlagScan's team to support its endeavour to strengthen academic integrity and educate people on the topic of plagiarism and copyright.

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