New Intern Joins Development Team

Kirupa enjoys strolling around and exploring Germany.

Our latest team addition has traveled halfway across the globe to join us in our beautiful PlagScan office in Cologne, Germany. Originally from Trichy, India, the 23-year-old Kirupa will be working as a development intern to expand her web development skills during the next five months.

Since western tongues can’t quite pronounce her stunning name, Keerthanaa Kirupa Ravichandran Vetri Selvi allowed us to call her Kirupa. She has been working on her master’s degree in international software system science at the University of Bamberg in the south of Germany since July 2017.

“I chose to continue my studies in Germany because of the high educational standards and focus on practical knowledge,” she said. “The curriculum in India is pretty general and I liked the idea of being more specialized in a field.”

Kirupa graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering from the University College of Engineering BIT-Campus in Tamil Nadu. She has always been fascinated with computer science and developed a curiosity for programming at an early age.

“When I was a child, I’ve always wanted to understand computers,” she said, remembering how she explored her parents’ computer. “What is a computer doing? How can you communicate with a machine? How is it possible to get so many answers from a machine?”

Her internship at PlagScan is Kirupa’s very first work experience. Even though she was excited about landing the internship, she admitted how nervous she was about starting to work in an office in Germany.

“But everybody was so nice and even the CTO made so much time for me to work me in,” she said.

Her first week at PlagScan is now coming to an end. To make the most of her time with us, Kirupa has already been fully involved in a project to improve our system. She has been working tirelessly and independently.

“I like how I am being challenged,” she reflected. “I get some tasks and a basic outline on how to resolve them but after all, they give me a chance to think for myself.”

We’re looking forward to a great time with Kirupa and welcome her warmly to our team!

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