Plagscan Welcomes Our New Intern as Video Content Creator

Emilia in her favorite environment

Plagscan extends a hearty welcome to Chia Ying Tsai, our new intern in the marketing team from Taiwan. She likes to be called Emilia in her everyday life. As the latest addition to our team, she will be in charge of Video Content Creation. Emilia came across PlagScan while searching for internships online and reports that one of the appeals of PlagScan is the company culture: “this is a company with very diverse team members, somehow similar to the environment I grew up in. The company also gives me the feeling of letting me be creative and use what I’ve learned in university and in life experience.”

Emilia told us the fun fact that, before coming to PlagScan, she had never had a job before. She is excited to make her parents proud by starting her career after finishing her studies. 

For fun, Emilia is a self-taught musician who practices piano and guitar. Her other many varied hobbies include: photography, video production, cooking, baking, and cleaning. Emilia also collects alcohol and a professional bartender friend of hers is teaching her to make cocktails.

Emilia’s goals for working with PlagScan are to broaden our social media outreach on all trending networks to reach our business and customer service goals of providing high quality academic integrity services at a fair price to as many as possible.

After one week with us, Emilia reports: “so far, I really enjoy my job. And I do have to say, my team members are great and open-minded. I really like how when we have ideas, we just place it clear on the table and we discuss the possibility of implementing the idea. I like how everyone on the team is always excited when we reached an agreement.”

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