New Frontend Developer from India Joins the PlagScan Team

We’ve received a lot of applications for our frontend developer position during the last couple months. We had a difficult time to evaluate all the great candidates. However, we finally found the perfect fit for our team, whom we would like to welcome this week.kartik adur

Kartik Adur from Pune, India is a true language talent. He is fluent in four Indian languages and always had a natural curiosity about programming languages as well. He is just as curious about new cultures and countries, which had brought him to Germany – right into our PlagScan office.

“I was looking for a job abroad that enables me to grow as a programmer and gives me a chance to take on real responsibilities,” he said. “PlagScan seemed to be exactly what I was looking for and I am excited to get started.”

From India to the United States to Germany

Kartik graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Mumbai. His curiosity for other countries brought him to California, where he obtained a master’s degree in computer engineering from San Jose State University. Later, he moved to Indiana, where he received another master’s degree in information science and information architecture from Indiana University Bloomington.

Throughout his studies in Indiana, he worked and volunteered for several information and technological departments at the university. He fondly remembers teaching middle school and high school children about robotics.

“I taught them basic python programming. Seeing them strive and being engaged in what they were doing was a great feeling,” he said.

Kartik said he wants to keep working in academics since he enjoys teaching and research. His entire family, including two sisters, had been working in academics as well. Supporting education by working for a plagiarism scanner is a new and interesting spin on working in the industry.

“PlagScan might not be the biggest company in size, but they are comparably successful and make an impact in education,” he said. “The team is really diverse and interesting. They seem to be very different than other German companies I’ve heard about. I am really excited to get to know more.”


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Cati is a communications manager and passionate writer. She grew up in Germany, finished her studies in communications and media studies, journalism and public relations in the United States and is now an advocate for human rights, particularly education. She has been involved with multiple Silicon Valley startups.

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